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3,000 hand-made Japanese vending machines

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What is Tokyo Fizz?

Tokyo Fizz is a Japanese-themed NFT project consisting of 3,000 uniquely crafted vending machines. Why vending machines you may ask? Vending machines are an iconic part of Japanese culture, with practically one on every corner! Running on the Ethereum network, our team wanted to create a unique project that would stand out from traditional collections. 


Non-computer generated

Serial numbers to highlight individuality

Vectors utilized to create high quality images at any scale

These vending machines will not only contain your beloved beverages and flavors, but also known references from pop-culture including video games, anime, movies, etc.  Aside from landing a low serial number, there will also be rare traits. Flasks will be the most scarce out of the collection, followed by jars, then bottles. Each of these categories will also have a few machines equipped with a red tag that will also be very rare. Select a category above for more info!


Unique traits and rarities

Limited collection - once sold out, no more will ever be added.


Be on the website at the designated drop time 

Connect your metamask wallet in the upper right corner

 Click the mint button, it will cost 0.05 Ethereum + gas each. You will be able to mint a maximum of 2.

Hooray!! You have minted a Tokyo Fizz NFT

If you are not able to get your hands on one do not fear! You will also be able to purchase through the seondary market on our OpenSea collection


TBA - 5:00 P.M PST

TBA - 5:00 P.M PST

Summer 2023

This is when our whitelist drop will take place, the special 200 members who have completed the qualifications from our discord will be able to mint at this time.

This is when our public launch will take place - anyone will be able to mint right on the dot. There will be 2,800 remaining vending machines will be up for grabs!

For your future visits to Japan, using our proceeds we plan to add utility by putting up a custom Tokyo Fizz vending machine in Tokyo that you holders will be able to access for free beverages! Other events will also be in the works - more information on this will be announced in our discord.

Meet the team!


Miyuki -  Founder


Dmaka - Developer


Joaquin - Co Founder


Shiyu - Artist